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Ear Syringing Advice

Step 1 Use olive oil to disperse ear wax as follows: Tilt head, and gently put up to 5 drops/1 teaspoon of olive into ear. Leave for a few minutes and then wipe surplus with tissue. Wash hands after use. Repeat twice daily, if necessary, for at least 14 days or until symptoms clear. Or use Earol Spray.    
Step 2 If, after using the olive oil twice daily for 14 days, there is still wax present in the ear canal, then cleanse the ear canal of any remaining ear wax or oil by using the rubber ear syringe bulb as follows: (Ear bulbs can be purchased from the chemist) Fill rubber ear syringe bulb with warm water. Gently position the nozzle into the opening of the ear canal but no further. Cleanse the ear canal by gently squeezing the bulb/syringe, allowing the rinse water to run out of the ear into a wash basin. If you are having difficulty using the device, please ring the surgery.  

Do not use ear bulb if:

  • The ear drum is (or has been) damaged.
  • Sensitive to olive oil/water
  • Suffer from dizziness
  • There is any other ear disorder (such as pain, discharge, inflammation, infection or tinnitus), or if anything else has been used in the ear.

In rare cases, painful episodes can occur, particularly if the ear’s delicate inner lining has been damaged, broken, inflamed or infected, whereupon the use of the device can be painful. If this is the case, then this should therefore not be used, for example, after ill-advised mechanical efforts to dislodge wax (such as with finger nails or other implements)

If in doubt, or if there is any history of ear problems, seek medical advice before use.

If irritation or pain occurs during use, or if symptoms persist, stop treatment and consult your doctor.